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useArtemis Use Case

  • Find anyone’s contact details, emails, and phone numbers.
  • The data we provide originated from only official and legal sources.
  • Find contact details using filters such as company name, job title, name, location and more.
  • Find anyone’s contact details, emails, and phone numbers.

What Is useArtemis?

The useArtemis tool can be used to find anyone’s contact details, emails, and phone numbers. This is useful for contacting someone about an event or for general enquiries.

How Does useArtemis Work?

The data provides contact details for employees of a company. The employees have been listed by name, job title, and location.

useArtemis Lifetime Deal Details

Accelerate your outreach efforts with useArtemis, the fastest way for sales and communication professionals to accurately find B2B contact information.

Find your prospects’ phone numbers & email via our Chrome extension

Make a search on LinkedIn and instantly reveal contact details or import results to your useArtemis dashboard with our Chrome Extension. You can then enrich it with our email finder engine, and export it to CSV. Or create a cold outreach campaign.

Get email addresses behind any website

The Domain Search provides a list of the people working in a company with their names and email address, all found on the web.

Import & Enrich Linkedin Search Results

Use our Chrome extension to automatically import Linkedin search results. Then enrich automatically your import with emails & phone numbers on useArtemis.

360° Coverage on a Global Scale

Our algorithms ensure 99% accuracy while covering 85% of professionals. Here’s what you can expect:

Uncompromising Accuracy

  • Get through to the decision-makers who matter most with peace of mind knowing that our AI ensures accuracy every step of the way.

30M+ Organizations Indexed

  • Whether you have a specific person or organization in mind, chances are that Artemis has you covered.

Global Compliance

  • We align with GDPR practices and adhere to all CCPA regulations to ensure absolute data compliance.

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useArtemis LTD Feature & Plan

  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • This deal is stackable
  • Lifetime access to useArtemis Outreach Plan
  • All future useArtemis Outreach Plan updates

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