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TimzFlowers Use Case

  • Take your meetings from a productivity killer to the ultimate business booster.
  • Tailor-made for distributed teams — video calls and async meetings are combined into one seamless experience.

What Is TimzFlowers?

The TimzFlowers tool helps to Discover the all-in-one meeting solution for distributed teams. It offers a searchable and organized database of more than 1 million meeting resources, including meeting agendas, meeting minutes, and speakers.

How Does TimzFlowers Work?

Async meetings can be a valuable way to stay productive while working remotely. When done well, they can help to reduce distractions and allow for more focused work. However, async meetings can also be a productivity killer if not done appropriately.

By taking the time to tailor them specifically to your team and setting up clear guidelines for use, you can create an environment that not only maximizes productivity but also promotes collaboration and communication.

TimzFlowers Lifetime Deal Details

The first meeting platform that combines video calls with asynchronous meetings.

TimzFlowers Features

Meeting summaries in minutes – with just a few clicks, you’ll be able to summarize the main points of the meeting. Forget the days when writing meeting reports took hours of your precious time.

Advanced video call recording – record your video calls and invite those who missed the meeting to add their input later on. Highlight important moments in your meeting with time-stamped markers and helpful notes.

Async meetings – if getting everyone together is not possible. Just record your statement and let your team reply asynchronously. TIMZ FLOWERS meetings are fully collaborative, your team can share files, links, screen recordings, etc.

You couldn’t make it? No worries. Just click on the plus button on the timeline and add your comments where needed.

You don’t have to attend every meeting. It’s recorded. Simply select the relevant topics and watch the summary. It takes just 3 minutes to stay up-to-date.

  • Create practical summaries — Cut down long recordings into bite-sized summaries.
  • Collaborate on outcomes — Let your team add comments and files later on.
  • Keep it organized – Find what you need, when you need it.

Upload files, share links or add helpful notes during your meeting. In the end, you’ll get the recording with all the notes nicely structured and ready for sharing.

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TimzFlowers LTD Feature & Plan

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  • Please note: This deal is not stackable
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