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Testlify Use Case

  • Accurately screens and compares high volumes of candidates to speed up your hiring process.
  • Growing library of 340+ tests covering numerous skills, from multiple industries, all created by subject matter experts.

What Is Testlify?

The Testlify – Talent Assessment Platform tool helps Testlify accurately screen and compares high volumes of candidates to speed up your hiring process. By automating the process of screening and evaluation, the tool can help you to identify and assess candidates more quickly and efficiently.

How Does Testlify Work?

According to this report, if you have a high volume of candidates to screen, it can help speed up the hiring process. The report contains data on over 340 tests that cover numerous skills, from multiple industries.

This data was compiled by subject matter experts who know what skills are important in different industries. By using this data, you can screen candidates more accurately and quickly, ensuring you get the best possible candidate for the job.

Testlify Lifetime Deal Details | Talent Assessment Platform

Testlify has a growing library of 340+ tests covering numerous skills, from multiple industries, all created by subject matter experts.

You have the choice to use our predefined templates to guide you in building an assessment, or you can build your own assessments using any combination of tests.

All our tests are divided into 8 major categories:

  • Role Specific
  • Programming
  • Software
  • Cognitive Ability
  • Language
  • Situational
  • Engineering
  • Personality & Culture

Each of these categories will include a list of tests that cover relevant skills. You can also view tests based on job roles to select the most appropriate skills to test.

This would include skills like

  • Vue
  • Express.js
  • Python, React
  • Data Structures
  • Algorithms, and more.

But you are not limited to only one role. You can combine multiple skills from any category from programming, cognitive ability, language, or personality & culture to gain broader insights into each candidate. This will greatly improve candidate selection and your hiring decisions.

Your business has its own needs and requirements when it comes to recruiting people. It also requires unique skill sets for every role.

Even with our vast library of tests, you may need to ask specific questions related to the position you have open. Testlify gives you the flexibility to add your own questions to an assessment to further refine how you evaluate each candidate.

Multiple-choice questions are popular, but you may need to ask candidates to write long-form responses to better understand the depth of their knowledge.

When creating custom questions in Testlify, you have the following options:

  • Open Ended Questions for essay questions
  • Video Response Questions
  • Multiple Choice with Single answer
  • Multiple Choice with Multiple Answers
  • Upload File Response

No matter how complex the role that you are hiring for, Testlify’s multimedia questions give you the flexibility to better understand each candidate’s potential so you can hire the best people every time.

Our talent assessments provide insights for better candidate comparisons, speed up selection, and help you avoid wasting time interviewing the wrong people.

Testlify is one piece of the recruitment process. And we know managing all the aspects of your hiring can be daunting.

Maybe you are already using an ATS to manage your recruitment process and you are wondering whether Testlify will integrate into your existing workflow. Well, wonder no longer.

Testlify already is able to integrate with more than a thousand ATS platforms, including:

  • Recruitee
  • JazzHR
  • Greenhouse
  • Lever
  • Comeet

Additionally, Testlify can be used with Zapier to further build flexible automation to minimize duplication of tasks and manual intervention.

As a recap so far, Testlify helps you to:

  • Choose from predefined templates for each job position.
  • Customize assessments with your own questions.
  • Assess cognitive ability, behavior, technical skills, and subject knowledge.
  • Choose from 220+ test libraries created by subject matter experts.
  • Limit recruiter biases and encourages fair and unbiased hiring.
  • Prevent cheating with advanced proctoring.
  • Integrate with your ATS.
  • Enable live coding sessions.

Testing candidates in the comfort of their homes is convenient, but it creates the opportunity for applicants to cheat while completing their assessments. Obviously, this isn’t ideal and will reduce the value of an assessment.

Testlify mitigates this by using advanced anti-cheating technology that acts as a digital invigilator by monitoring the activity of candidates during their assessment.

When the assessment begins, the software will force the candidate’s browser to go into full-screen mode and prevent them from opening any additional windows.

Their webcam will also be initiated to take snapshots of the candidates while they complete the assessment. This ensures they take the test themselves and will give feedback on their behavior.

Any attempt to open other tabs or minimize assessments will be logged as a score for recruiters to assess.

All these measures will prevent or detect candidates who attempt to cheat the system and ensure that the results you get from assessments are a true reflection of their skills and aptitudes. Testlify delivers talent assessments you can trust.

Evaluating the competency of software development candidates is incredibly challenging for any organization, and may require involvement from your development team.

This is not scalable and wastes the valuable time of your software developers who should be working on their projects and not on recruitment. So, what is the solution?

Testlify has developed a live coding platform that allows you to automate, scale and test the competency of software developers.

Among the major benefits for your company:

  • No need to get your software developers involved in the recruiting process.
  • The ability to test and evaluate unlimited applicants for a role.
  • Flexibility to test multiple programming languages in one assessment.
  • No technical knowledge is required to create an assessment.
  • Candidates can easily be compared using the scores they achieved.
  • Use data-driven insights to motivate your hiring selection.

With live coding, you can now effectively test software development candidates in high volumes and gain the insights you need to select the best people faster.

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