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Task N Go Use Case

  • Elevate your Microsoft Azure DevOps experience with Task N Go.
  • A solution for efficient project management across existing task and project management platforms.

What Is Task N Go?

The Task N Go tool helps to automate the platform offering increased productivity for companies by enriching task management tools. It provides users with an efficient way to organise their tasks, making it easier to achieve goals and work more productively.

The tool is versatile and can be used in a variety of different contexts, making it a valuable addition to any organisation.

How Does Task N Go Work?

Task N GoA is an efficient project management solution for managing projects across existing task and project management platforms. This solution allows organizations to track projects and tasks, assign responsibilities, and track progress. Task N GoA also provides integrated reporting and analytics to help managers make informed decisions about their projects.

Task N Go Lifetime Deal Review | Elevate your Microsoft Azure DevOps experience

Our first integration is with the project management platform Microsoft Azure DevOps.

Task N Go is enhancing Azure DevOps’ project management features with additional functionalities that will make the workflow of users more efficient, and engaging, resulting in better outcomes.

Effortlessly manage the status of your work items with just a few clicks! With the feature “Spotify for Developers“ and the manageable notifications on the locked screen on your mobile phone, you can stay on top of your workload at anytime, anywhere.

The three simple buttons – Play, Pause, and Done – make it simple and easy to keep track of the status of your active work items.

The Automatically Sorted To-Do List consolidates all your assigned active work items throughout multiple projects within your organization, in one list, saving you time wandering between them to find the work item that requires immediate attention.

This list also arranges your work items based on priority, so that you always know what task you should tackle next. Task N Go offers a wide array of features, making the task management processes easier and effortless for users.

By utilizing these capabilities, users can achieve a significant boost in their productivity and efficiency throughout their operations.

With the extension, Task N Go is simplifying the task management process for developers by seamlessly integrating with their work environment and daily workflow.

Instead of having to navigate through a mobile or web application for task tracking, our extensions allow you to manage your work items directly within your work environment.

Our initial extension is available on Visual Studio Marketplace and facilitates seamless collaboration across multiple teams and projects.

Let Task N Go elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of task management — get access today!

Task N Go LTD Feature & Plan

  • Your account must be the owner of the organization to grant access to other users in Task N Go
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • Stack up unlimited codes
  • Lifetime access to Task N Go
  • Each code adds 5 additional seats
  • All future Basic Plan updates

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