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SmithBot Use Case

  • Crypto AI Trading Bot Platform.
  • SmithBot opens up the unlimited possibilities of artificial intelligence for trading cryptocurrency assets.

What Is SmithBot?

The SmithBot is an AI Crypto Trading tool that helps to Trade crypto like a pro but without the hassle. Our AI optimized bots take care of everything, so you can focus on what you’re best at – making money.

How Does SmithBot Work?

Crypto AI Trading Bot PlatformSmithBot offers an easy way for anyone to get started with trading cryptocurrency assets. With the help of the platform, traders can access a wide variety of data and tools to help them make informed decisions about where to trade and how to best invest their money.

The platform also offers a variety of features to help traders stay organized and make the most efficient trading decisions.

SmithBot Lifetime Deal Details

SmithBot lists over 100 advanced AI crypto trading bots for 13 different trading pairs and we are constantly adding new ones. Fortunately, it is easy to compare and select the bots that suit your needs thanks to our various ranking and filtering options.

Filter by trading pairs and rank the bots by their performance, total profits in the chosen time interval or annualized, by base symbol or quoted symbol. Consider your personal trading fees to get an accurate representation.

SmithBot applies the highest standards of quality to bot development:

  • years of high-resolution training and validation data not available anywhere else
  • fully validated backtesting simulation including real-world effects
  • live trading tests before deployment

All your personal information is organized in the Dashboard. Add and manage your cryptocurrency exchanges, and track your balance and your bots’ trades.

Performance tracking and plotting functions for your subscribed bots using your real order data. This lets you transparently monitor the real returns of your individual AI trading bots.

Find detailed instructions in SmithBot’s comprehensive online documentation and FAQs. And in case you still have questions, our online support is happy to help you!

Subscribe bots at the push of a button. After choosing a bot from the ranking, enter the desired trading volume, stop-loss limit and maximum limit. That’s it! The bot is ready and starts trading for you at the next trading signal.

SmithBot’s unique performance graphs help traders to judge a trading bot’s historical performance within seconds:

  • top: trading pair’s price curve and buy/sell signals
  • middle: base symbol gain factor -> performance relative to the market
  • bottom: quoted symbol gain factor -> profit multiplier of initial capital

The SmithBot team started development back in 2017 and consists of experienced experts in the fields of finance, AI and data analytics. Based on our roadmap and user feedback, we constantly improve and extend the algorithms for even better results and our cloud application for new functionality and greater ease of use.

Technical Note: The bots are optimized for long-term returns under real conditions (including trading fees, slippage, and communication delays). They are trading with low frequency, placing only a few orders per month on average.


  • runs in any modern web browser on any device
  • account at a supported cryptocurrency exchange required for trading
  • trading pair you wish to trade is supported by your exchange

Disclaimer: Trading cryptocurrencies carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Please take note of our Terms&Conditions.

Start trading today with SmithBot!

SmithBot LTD Feature & Plan

  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • The lifetime of plan updates
  • Lifetime access to SmithBot
  • For new users only

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