SiteGuru Lifetime Deal In 2023 | Pay Once Use Lifetime

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SiteGuru Use Case

  • Get a full SEO audit that tells you exactly where you need to start to improve your rankings.
  • We give you an actionable to-do list that helps you improve your rankings and get more traffic.
  • By combining data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics, we also help you monitor your SEO performance.

What Is SiteGuru?

SiteGuru is a tool that helps to improve your SEO. SiteGuru examines your website’s content, structure, and on-page elements and provides insights and recommendations to help you improve your website’s ranking. SiteGuru is available as a free and premium service.

How Does SiteGuru Work?

Thanks for considering our SEO Audit. Our team has over 10 years of combined experience in the SEO field. Our audits provide you with an actionable list of tasks that will help you improve your rankings and increase your traffic. By combing data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics, we can help track your performance so you can see immediate results.

SiteGuru Lifetime Deal Details

SiteGuru runs a weekly audit on your website and gives you a prioritized SEO to-do list. We help you find the low-hanging fruit to quickly improve your website and get you more traffic from Google.

Run a website audit in 15 minutes

Connect your Google account to see your rankings and SEO opportunities.

  • Add your website to SiteGuru no installation or tagging is needed
  • We run a fully automated audit on your site takes about 15 minutes
  • Get an actionable list of important SEO tasks

Identify Opportunities Automatically

SiteGuru connects to Google Analytics and Google Search Console, so you directly see the effects of your SEO activities.

  • See the results of the changes you made
  • Spot new SEO opportunities
  • See your website’s performance in one overview without using 3 different tools

Get Updates Automatically – We monitor your website’s SEO

We keep an eye on your website and notify you of any new issues, so you can focus on more important things

  • Never miss SEO issues on your website
  • No need to spend more than 5 minutes a day on SEO
  • No need to hire expensive SEO consultants

Work together with your clients

SiteGuru has all the features for agencies

  • Give clients access to SEO reports
  • Work together with colleagues
  • Download Whitelabel reports
  • All your clients in 1 overview
  • Automatic reports for every client

Get lifetime access to SiteGuru today!

SiteGuru LTD Feature & Plan

  • You must redeem your code within 60 days of purchase
  • Lifetime access to SiteGuru
  • All future plan updates

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