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Seasy Use Case

  • Schedule tasks to create a ticket and then assign them to the proper team.
  • Create a ticket manually or automatically from your customer requests.

What Is Seasy?

The Seasy tool helps to manage tickets, tasks and projects easily and effectively. It also offers a secure and user-friendly platform, which makes it a perfect tool for help desks, ticketing systems and task management applications.

How Does Seasy Work?

Our team has been noticing an increase in customer requests for help with larger projects. We have created a ticket repository to attempt to better manage these requests and track any progress made. We would like to assign these larger requests to the team with the most experience working on these types of projects.

Seasy Lifetime Deal Details

Increase customer satisfaction and strengthen your business.

Scheduled Tickets & Reports

  • Scheduled tasks are very helpful to remind you when you have some periodic jobs to do. They allow you to set a task to create a ticket for a feature — like for a specific day, daily, weekly, or monthly.

Team Definition

  • Define your teams and team members (agents and 1 team leader) to be able to divide responsibilities. You can set specific categories and products (or select all categories and all products) for the team to make the ticket visible to the team members automatically on the ticket list page.

Ticket History

  • Your every action is stored on the ticket, plus you can check the ticket history whenever you need.

Assign to an Agent or Team

  • The tickets need to be displayed in the ticket list for responsible agents or teams.
  • All team members will be able to see the same ticket when you assign it to the team. You can also assign the ticket to the related person directly.

Custom Fields

  • Every company has specific needs when it comes to ticket definition, so you can customize your ticket form as you wish. Add dropdown lists or free text areas to be able to keep more specific data for your workflow.

Notification Emails

  • Be informed of any action. You can define which action needs to trigger an email notification to your customer or your agents.

Satisfaction Survey

  • Measure your customer’s happiness when the ticket is closed.

On-Premise Option

  • You can choose one of our on-premise packet options for some legal obligations. All you need is a Windows server — we will set S-easy up into that server then for you.

You can choose one of the following databases to store your data:

  • MS SQL Server
  • Postgre SQL

Client Definition

  • Client definition is a very useful feature when you work B2B. You can define more than one domain name for each client.
  • It makes things easier when you need a ticket report because S-easy can detect the domain name from the incoming emails when it creates the ticket automatically. You can then easily filter the specific client’s ticket on the report page.

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Seasy LTD Feature & Plan

  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • Lifetime access to S-easy
  • All future plan updates

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