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Quaaant Use Case

  • Improve your design process & efficiency with smart visioning, branching, and collaboration.
  • Get your creative ideas flowing by always knowing where to find the latest versions and updates.

What Is Quaaant?

The Quaaant tool helps to design a management and collaboration platform that is built on top of design tools and git technology. This platform allows users to collaborate on designs, share resources, and track changes.

How Does Quaaant Work?

Collaborative design is a process where multiple people work together to create a product. By using smart visioning, branching, and collaboration, designers can get their creative ideas flowing more easily.

By always having the latest versions and updates of software tools at their fingertips, they can stay organized and efficient while working on a project.

Quaaant Lifetime Deal Details

Quaaant is a revolutionary design management and collaboration platform that’s built on top of your favourite design tool and git technology.

Working with Quaaant means you don’t have to worry about losing any small change. Each saves makes a new point in history, and you can easily preview old versions in a new tab. You can revert to older versions with just one click.

You can use the software you already know and love. We work in the background to capture all your changes as you go, turning your entire creative process into a living document that allows you to collaborate seamlessly with your team, keeping everyone up to date on where things are and what’s already been done.

Quaaant has been designed with your workflow in mind. We’ve carefully crafted every feature to help you save time by streamlining repetitive tasks and speeding up your design process. That’s why we have a visual representation of the design process, with all versions and design directions in a single file.

With branches, you can try out new design directions in the same file without affecting the original concept. You can assign a type, name, and color for every branch you create.

Experiment and combine different design directions with merging. Simply create a branch, do your thing, and then merge your changes when ready.

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Quaaant LTD Feature & Plan

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