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Parallel Use Case

  • Create meaningful connections & communities in the workplace.
  • Improve company culture, employee performance, and team retention.

What Is Parallel?

The Parallel tool helps to create meaningful connections & communities in the workplace. Connecting employees with others who share similar interests create a more engaged and productive workforce.

How Does Parallel Work?

It is important for companies to create meaningful connections & communities in the workplace in order to improve company culture, employee performance, and team retention. By creating a supportive community, employees can feel like they are part of a larger team and performance can improve. Furthermore, a thriving company culture fosters positive interactions between employees, which leads to increased morale and productivity.

Parallel Lifetime Deal Details

Just because our world is increasingly virtual doesn’t mean connections can’t be meaningful. Parallel will enable employees within a given company to connect around their shared hobbies, interests, and passions.

Employees will be able to join their company’s Parallel “hive,” where they can discover fellow employees with shared interests, chat, and join affinity groups. Parallel’s social network creates a new digital “watercooler” for employees to meet and socialize, ultimately creating more engaged and connected workplaces.

Parallel can also be used to create more meaningful connections within smaller groups (ie. teams, onboarding cohorts, etc.) or for one-off meetings and events.

Parallel provides dashboards for HR teams to view the health of their company culture and dives deeper into data surrounding community and engagement metrics. It can also provide insights into what their co-workers are passionate about, allowing them to create company events that will truly resonate with employees.

Parallel Benefits

Increased Productivity

  • When employees are closer to one another, they are free to ask more questions, easily have open dialogue, and share perspectives.
  • More people will offer up ideas and collaborate on work since it would be a more welcoming environment.

Improved Retention

  • The feeling of “belonging” was already low within most companies. But with remote work, it has gotten even lower.
  • We can provide a platform to make friends right from orientation with our Group feature.
  • The new people coming into the company will have someone to talk to and navigate their new journey from day one.
  • The power of connection and friendship that we will provide all employees will increase their positive sentiment towards their employer and retain talent.
  • Social connection is a huge driver of employee retention.

Improved Culture

  • Overall, the culture for the majority of these mid-large companies can be vastly improved.
  • We can bring employees happiness through their basic need for connection and make work fun.

Through Parallel, you will see an increase in employee productivity, improved team member retention, and a better company culture overall.

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Parallel LTD Feature & Plan

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