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OKZest Use Case

  • increase engagement and click-through rates by adding personalized text on images.
  • Use merge tags to generate personalized text and use data from your email service provider or database.


What Is OKZest?

The OKZest tool helps to increase user engagement in emails and websites by adding personalized text on top of images. By adding text that is relevant to the user, the tool helps to increase the likelihood for them to respond to the email or visit the website.

How Does OKZest Work?

Merging user data with click-through rates and personalized text can help increase engagement and click-through rates on images. By tracking user behavior, you can create text that is specific to each user and populate images with this personalized text. This can help increase user engagement and improve the overall user experience. You can add multiple merge tags in images. Merge tags can be added in any format to meet the requirements of any email service provider (such as AWS, Klaviyo, MailChimp, SendGrid, and others).

Creating personalized images is easy:

  • Define the size of the image
  • Upload an image (or use a color background)
  • Add text
  • Add merge tags (any format, so will work with any ESP)
  • Define fallback text (used when you don’t have data for the recipient, e.g. first name)
  • Preview the image with test text
  • Copy the HTML IMG tag into your email or website

OKZest is credit-based:

  • 1 credit = 1 generated image
  • Get 10,000 credits per month

Opt-in to auto-purchase additional credits (these never expire) You are given an HTML-based IMG embed code for each image. This can be copied and pasted into any HTML source, such as an email or website. The URL contains variables (merge tags) that get substituted for real data (such as customer name or product name) when the image is delivered.

If you have defined fallback text for the merge tags, that text will be displayed when needed – e.g. when you do not have the first name of someone in your email list. Merge tags are an industry-standard way to replace or inject text to create a personalized message. They have been used in email for decades, and now we are using them to create eye-catching images that portray a message faster and more effectively than a body of text.

Merge tags can have three states:

  1. Definition – we support merge tags in any format (e.g. MailChimp uses *|FNAME|* = first name)
  2. Recipient – the substituted text that the recipient will receive (e.g. ‘Kevin‘)
  3. Fallback – text that will be used if no substitute text is available (e.g. ‘Friend‘)

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