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  • Manage sales pipeline, create proposals, send and co-review deals with customers, and more.
  • MiCLIENT automates the client interaction process with improved proposal conversion.


The MiCLIENT tool helps to streamline the sales process by automating deal closure, contract signing, and payment collection. This platform makes it easy for sales representatives to work together and complete tasks quickly, which can lead to more sales and reduced processing time.

How Does MiCLIENT Work?

MiClient helps sales reps automate their client interaction process by providing improved proposal conversion. This data shows that MiClient helps sales reps automate the process of dealing with customers and documenting their interactions.

MiCLIENT Lifetime Deal Review | Grow your sales with a unified deal closure

Sales teams today spend a lot of time closing a deal on actions like creating a proposal or a quotation, sending that over, following up with customers, negotiating with hot prospects, signing contracts, and collecting payments to eventually close the deal.

MiClient is a deal closure platform that was founded by experienced sales leaders. These leaders recognized the need for a new generation of sales solutions to address the rapid changes brought on by the evolution of digital buyers and sellers.

MiCLIENT automates the client interaction process with improved proposal conversion.

Work with the world’s most effective sales teams, continually learning from their evolving sales process and results – allowing you and your team to optimize the customer sales process as well as overall performance.

MiCLIENT supports this with a commitment to product innovation that keeps customers at the forefront. MiCLIENT helps sales teams track their deals as well as helps them close the deals faster.

It provides a superior customer experience through branded docs, automation, and a unique customer portal. MiCLIENT is on a mission to be the world’s fastest-growing deal automation software.

It is a market-ready product that is quickly scaling customers by leveraging ecosystem partnerships. Help your sales team simplify the entire process from prospects to closure.

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MiCLIENT LTD Feature & Plan

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  • Please note: This deal is not stackable
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