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OKRs by Managerly Lifetime Deal

Managerly Use Case

  • Managerly will set clear OKRs at your workspace and handle the change management.
  • Reboot how objectives are communicated.

What Is Managerly?

The OKRs by Managerly tool helps to track and manage goals in a simple and straightforward way. The tool provides a way to track progress and gather feedback from stakeholders, which helps to improve the quality and efficiency of work.

How Does Managerly Work?

Managerly will set clear OKRs at your workspace and handle the change management. Reboot will communicate objectives regularly to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Managerly Lifetime Deal | OKRs App In Slack

Managerly will set clear OKRs at your workspace and handle the change management. Your team will understand why things change and appreciate the heads-up.

Why OKRs by Managerly?

  • Easy one-click installation and team onboarding
  • Define Objectives and Key Results within Slack
  • Update your progress, edit an OKR, or delete OKRs easily

Get your team focused and results-driven with our easy-to-use OKR management tool. Set objectives and key results with a few clicks, and watch as your team members stay on track with the OKRs front and center on their homepage.

Level up your team’s performance and accountability¬†with our organization-wide OKR feature. No more guessing games on objectives, just clear and visible key results for all teams to strive towards.

Say goodbye to cluttered bookmarks and hello to crystal clear OKRs with our Team OKRs feature, now searchable in Slack for easy access by the entire team. OKRs are a proven way to set goals and now you just need a way to make your goals front and center!

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OKRs by Managerly LTD Feature & Plan

  • Please note: This deal is not stackable
  • Lifetime access to OKRs by Managerly
  • All future plan updates

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