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LongTailPro Use Case

  • Instantly generate up to 400 long-tail keywords and track metrics like average CPC bid, search volume, and rank value.
  • Conduct site audits to fix technical SEO issues and optimize your backlink strategy with built-in backlink analysis.

What Is LongTailPro?

The LongTailPro tool helps to identify hundreds of long-tail keyword opportunities in minutes. It uses a formula that identifies relevant terms and phrases that are longer than the average keyword.

This allows you to find more specific and lucrative keywords that can drive more traffic to your website.

How Does LongTailPro Work?

The algorithm in Long Tail Pro allows users to generate up to 400 long-tail keywords. These keywords can then be sorted and analyzed for potential backlink opportunities.

Additionally, the tool can be used to diagnose technical issues on a website, ensuring that all aspects of your site’s optimization are accounted for.

LongTailPro Lifetime Deal Details

With Long Tail Pro, tracking every backlink is a breeze! Just enter your domain or specific page URL and let the tool handle the rest. Discover backlink opportunities and monitor inbound links to identify which pieces of content are your best performers.

You can fix broken links on your site to maintain link equity, so search engines know which pages pass value and authority onto others. Plus, you’ll be able to analyze anchor text distribution, trust flow, citation flow, and other actionable SEO data.

Audit your backlinks to find untapped opportunities to improve your ranking in the SERPs.

You can leverage three tried-and-true methods for keyword research: keyword grouping, competitor analysis, and keyword metrics. Simply enter a single keyword to generate up to 400 long-tail keywords from Google Planner data within minutes.

And you only need a page URL to dissect your competitor’s keyword strategy and compare keyword suggestions. With keywords metrics like Average CPC Bid, Search Volume, and Rank Value at the ready, you’ll be able to pinpoint the most profitable keywords.

Use the keyword research tool to generate up to 400 long-tail keyword suggestions.

Long Tail Pro monitors your keyword rankings every day, so you can figure out how to optimize your keyword strategy. You’ll get weekly updates straight in your inbox that break down how your keywords are performing across every project.

It’s super easy to track up-to-date keyword metrics, like keyword competitiveness, bid estimates, rank value, and search volume. Track keyword performance and get up-to-date metrics in your inbox every week.

With Long Tail Pro, you’ll be able to conduct site audits and fix common technical issues to improve site health. Take advantage of comprehensive reports to track your site’s average load speed, slow load speeds, and so much more.

In just a few clicks, you can check crawlability, core web vitals, content issues, internal links, and JS/CSS errors to improve technical SEO. And with the internal linking feature, you’ll even discover trending topics to inspire new content for your website.

Conduct site audits to uncover technical SEO issues and track your load speeds. You can only juice short-tail keywords for so long before you start running out of content ideas. (“I don’t think people *need* another 14 reasons to buy running shoes, but…”)

Long Tail Pro generates hundreds of long-tail keywords and analyzes backlink opportunities, so your content is always Google-optimized. Write more relevant content.

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LongTailPro LTD Feature & Plan

  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • Optional Add-On: Additional keywords offered through LongTailPro
  • No codes, no stacking — just choose the plan that’s right for you
  • Lifetime access to LongTailPro
  • GDPR compliant
  • All future Pro Plan updates
  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 5 license tiers

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