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Learnitive Use Case

  • Collaborate on posts, share knowledge, and receive feedback to increase your growth factor and success.
  • The AI-enabled platform lets you plan, research, create, collaborate, and export amazing Copyscape-checked content.

What Is Learnitive?

The Learnitive tool helps to create an AI-enabled academic workspace with editors, Kanban boards, APIs, plugins, and white-label options. This tool can help academic institutions to improve communication and collaboration between students and professors, as well as manage academic deadlines and assignments more efficiently.

How Does Learnitive Work?

In order to be successful on Copyscape, you need to have quality content. With an AI-enabled platform that lets you plan, research, create, collaborate, and export amazing Copyscape-checked content, you can increase your growth factor and success.

Learnitive Lifetime Deal Review | Teach and Learn with AI

At Learnitive, writers can easily collaborate on posts, share knowledge, and receive feedback to increase their growth factor and success.

The Learnitive AI is available for free to everyone with limited AI words, but don’t forget to get this AppSumo deal to increase the AI word limits and get some additional perks like API access and custom domains.

What makes Learnitive different?

The fact of the matter is, most of the AI writers are similar in terms of technology; they provide a textpad and allow one to grab content from OpenAI or similar AI GPTs, and that’s it.

Interactivity, curation of knowledge, and learning opportunities are limited in those tools – e.g., no sandbox & no research or fact-checking options, just to name a few limitations.

In contrast, Learnitive not only allows you to create with AI, but also enables you to Copyscape each and every paragraph (use your own Copyscape API key) and create and execute codes and OS commands right inside the AI writer!

Users can create and insert vector illustrations, search for unlimited Pexels images and embed, research references in journals and Wikipedia, and do awesome AI voiceovers. Learnitive AI Writer (based on the awesome Editor.js) has several learning widgets to help, research, and create fantastic content with AI.

By integrating GrammarlyAI creationDiagramsNeural voices, and Code Playgrounds, we’ve transformed it into a useful teaching and learning tool. It contains widgets to generate long-form AI content and executable codes, review spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, and engagement, and produce neural text-to-speech.

With the Copyscape API, it helps detect plagiarism, and using Grammarly can suggest replacements for the identified errors. Learnitive AI Expand can autocomplete sentences and even write an entirely new paragraph. It can also improve the quality of writing with automatic AI passage paraphrasing and rewriting.

Craft awesome figures on the fly and export outputs as PDFs or do private share. Furthermore, developers can practice OS terminal commands and code scripts in 50+ languages right inside the browser instead of fiddling with VMs and IDEs; it‘s all set up with Docker on the cloud.

Education agencies can easily connect their platforms with Learnitive via API for smooth and fast content creations – no need to worry about costs per token, etc. At each API call, we’ll simply deduct the number of words used (input and output) from word balance, and that’s it. Each call that equates to one query will also be deducted from the balance.

Learnitive’s WordPress plugin is available for both the WP Classic and Gutenberg editors. The plugin also supports Copyscape and AI voices. It uses the Learnitive API endpoints.

Creators may use these endpoints to bring life to their own AI tool and create ebooks, blogs, social media posts, and emails on the fly right from their own website! Get a Learnitive API key from the Learnitive.com – Dashboard – Settings – API and start creating awesome content with the Learnitive AI + WordPress/API.

Try the demo Learnitive WP-plugin.

Educational agencies can attach a custom domain to their Learnitive workspace and white-label it easily. Once connected, teams can log in through their own custom domain or subdomain and create and publish private or public blog posts.

Members can share their AI word balance, collaborate, get constructive suggestions in the form of comments, content, or code, and verify results with the built-in research tools (fact check), and finally, use Copyscape to verify the originality of their work.

Ask questions about specific subjects, get help, and solve any complex writing job in the shortest possible time! Creators are given precise answers.

As a matter of fact, one needs to replace every third word in a sentence to get past the Turnitin checks. It will be impossible to pass an assignment or get a higher SEO rank with any AI writer alone unless the creators are willing to learn, research, and educate themselves.

Therefore, with Learnitive, academics are safe and SEO is maintained!

See a custom domain blog example.

At Leanitive, creators manage their tasks with the built-in Kanban boards, calendars, notes, todos, and tools that are specifically designed for power users. There are no complex features to confuse or overwhelm. Simply plan, organize, and create!

Learnitive is built upon a robust and scalable infrastructure provided by DigitalOcean and AWS. The AI writer is tuned to provide specific, accurate, and the most intuitive responses. It also allows creators to use multiple AI models.

Note that English is the only supported language (to feature Copyscape) and violence, hate speech, or adult content cannot be generated. It is designed to be used for education, research, and SEO marketing purposes only. Voiceover jobs may consume up to 5-10X words per call.

There are a few more useful features not highlighted here such as unlimited Pexels embed, Dictionary and SEO analytics, and more to come – e.g., Firefox and Chrome browser extensions, and so on. Create engaging content that’s accurate & Copyscape – and hence can improve engagement, growth, and success.

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