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LaunchFlows Lifetime Deal

What Is LaunchFlows?

LaunchFlows is a comprehensive WordPress plugin that lets you build dynamic sales funnels, offer upsells, and include instant payment options for WooCommerce.

Building a sales funnel with limited tools can feel like cooking up a family meal in your college dorm room. (“For the monsieur, hot dog ramen paired with a lukewarm Bud Light. Bon appétit.”)

Sure, hosting your shop on WordPress with WooCommerce is convenient, but sorting through all those plugins isn’t.

What if you could take your WooCommerce business to the next level with just one tool that handles custom sales funnels, upsells, and payment options with ease?

Introducing LaunchFlows.

LaunchFlows Special Features

  • Transform WooCommerce’s product pages into custom multistep sales funnels
  • Alternative to: CartFlows, WooFunnels, and ClickFunnels
  • Offer upsells, downsells, order bumps, donations, and easy payment options
  • Best for: Small businesses and eCommerce creators looking to make the most of WooCommerce with a lightweight utility

LaunchFlows Lifetime Deal | LaunchFlows

How To Use LaunchFlows?

LaunchFlows is a comprehensive WordPress plugin that lets you build dynamic sales funnels, offer upsells, and include instant payment options for WooCommerce.

LaunchFlows Lifetime lets you transform WooCommerce’s product pages and posts into custom sales funnels for better conversions and customer satisfaction.

Send buyers on a personalized journey, whether you want to create a multi-step offer funnel or a one-page checkout.

You’ll be able to maximize your revenue per visit with custom pre- or post-checkout order bumps and product variations.

LaunchFlows comes packed with high-converting templates, but it also works with the default WordPress editor or your favorite page builder.

LaunchFlows Review

Create a custom sales funnel for buyers with order bumps and product variations.

The party doesn’t have to stop after checkout, either. Keep the customer journey going by making upsell and downsell offers based on purchase behavior.

Simply add the upsell or order bump widgets to any page or post, complete with custom designs and copy to stay on brand.

You have total control over the steps in your sales funnel, so you can play it smart by offering a downsell alternative if they don’t choose the upsell offer.

LaunchFlows WordPress

Keep your sales funnel going by offering upsells and downsells after checkout—or on any page.

A seamless user experience means more customer satisfaction, not to mention revenue!

Make it easy for customers to pay with instant payment, donation, and name-your-price options that can be added to your sales funnels.

Donors and buyers canuse any payment gateway that works with WooCommerce and make their payment in just a few clicks.

You’ll capture more leads with instant registration, which turns the onboarded customer’s checkout into a one-click experience.

LaunchFlows AppSumo Lifetime Deal (1)

Make checkout simple with instant payment, donation, and name-your-price options!

Instead of leaving customers out to dry after checkout, see them off with beautiful and informative thank you pages. Just use your favorite page builder, like Classic Editor or Gutenberg!

You can display a personalized page to your customer that includes the details of their order and lets them know the next steps.

Plus, you’ll be able to dynamically link them to their purchased product, direct them to their account or previous orders, and even offer them an upsell.

LaunchFlows Deal

Increase buyer satisfaction with personalized thank you pages after checkout.

Giving your WooCommerce shop an upgrade shouldn’t mean leaving WordPress or juggling a bunch of plugins. (“I promise the site is awesome once it loads.”)

LaunchFlows lifetime deals lets you easily craft the perfect customer journey with custom sales funnels, instant payment, and upsells and downsells.

Make WooCommerce work for you.

Get lifetime access to LaunchFlows today!

LaunchFlows Lifetime Deal Plans and Features

LaunchFlows Deal Terms

  • Lifetime access to LaunchFlows
  • All future LaunchFlows updates
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • Stack up to 3 codes
  • GDPR compliant
  • Note: AppSumo customers will receive any new update or feature released on LaunchFlows
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

LaunchFlows Features Included in All Plans 

  • All LaunchFlows features
  • Lifetime plugin updates
  • Lifetime bug reporting and feature requests

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