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Kennected Video Lifetime Deal

What Is Kennected Video?

Kennected Video is a video marketing software that allows you to create and send personalized video messages to your leads and customers.

Targeting leads with a one-size-fits-all approach is a surefire way to lose them. (“Come back, Sir/Madam/Person Who It May Concern!”)

Since everyone is constantly being bombarded with generic messages, sending a personalized message is one of the best ways to stand out.

Luckily, there’s a tool that lets you record, edit, and send your very own personalized videos straight to your leads and customers.
Introducing Kennected Video.

Kennected Video Features

  • Personalize your outreach by using your webcam or smartphone to create and send a video message
  • Alternative to: Loom
  • Record your screen, face, or both using the Google Chrome extension
  • Best for: Sales professionals, marketing teams, and customer support reps that want to add a personal touch to outreach

How Does Kennected Video Work?

One: They have a super low conversion rate. Two: Most people hate being on the receiving end of ‘em. Three: The time you spend trying to make ‘em work would be better spent on outreach that actually gets prospects to buy. I’m talking about personalized video marketing Kennected Video.

 Kennected Video; is an awesome tool you can use to create personalized videos for your outreach campaigns and boost response by as much as 96%!

When you first sign into the  Kennected Video platform, you’re greeted with your entire video library – hosted on the Kennected cloud. Cloud-based storage means a lot of advantages for you, but we’ll get into that in just a sec.

First, I wanna show you how easy it is to record the videos you’re gonna use for your outreach. All you’ve gotta do is hit record, select whether you’re doing a screen share, using your webcam, or both, then finish and save. If you’ve already recorded your video somewhere else, you can just hit upload instead and add it to your account from the main Videos dashboard.

Now, you’re obviously not just recording these because you love the sound of your own voice.  It’s a great voice, don’t get me wrong, but you can do so much more with it. Let me show you how. By clicking the “Quickshare” or “Send + Share”  buttons, you get a link to send your video out to prospects.

And the coolest thing is that these videos are hosted on custom landing pages that you get full access to with your Kennected Video account. You can change up the design, the CTA, or the thumbnail. or you can just run with one of the beautiful templates that Kennected Video provides.

And to keep the “cool stuff you can do because your videos are hosted on the cloud” ball rolling, here are two more super important advantages.  First, you don’t have to leave the Kennected Video platform to edit your videos. You can play with the branding, trim, annotations, captions, and security all in the video options.

Second,  it means you get a complete overview of your analytics for each video you create. It’s kinda like x-ray specs for your video outreach ‘cause you get to see your videos’ views,  engagement, and who’s been clicking your CTAs.

Plus, there’s an alert function to let you know when your prospects watch the video. Imagine how much better your follow-up would be if you had access to this kind of data. I, for one, believe that this style of cold outreach is the future of your business.

But as time passes, and more and more of your competitors start doing it, you’re going to lose your big advantage. Get lifetime access to Kennected Video today!

Kennected Video AppSumo Lifetime Deal Plans

AppSumo Kennected Video Lifetime Deal Terms

  • Lifetime access to Kennected Video
  • All future K-Video Team Plan updates
  • No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that’s right for you
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 3 license tiers
  • GDPR compliant
  • Only for new Kennected Video users who do not have existing accounts
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

Kennected Video Lifetime Deal Features Included in All Plans

  • Web-based recording and screen recording
  • Animated thumbnail preview
  • Ready-to-use landing page designs
  • Website overlay
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Customizable video player
  • Integrations for Outlook and Gmail
  • Chrome extension
  • Trim and merge
  • Social sharing
  • Real-time view notifications
  • Detailed reporting and analytics
  • Video reply
  • Folder organization and team sharing
  • Video upload and download
  • Unlimited videos

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