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Jellyreach Use Case

  • Deliver automated, relevant, and timely messages aligned with your customer’s preferences.
  • Use the power of marketing automation and take your campaigns to the next level with no tech skills needed.

What Is Jellyreach?

The Jellyreach tool is designed to deliver automated, relevant, and timely messages aligned with your customer’s preferences. By integrating with your existing customer relationship management (CRM) tool, Jellyreach can help you keep track of your customer’s preferences and deliver messages that are most likely to be of interest to them. This helps you to maintain a strong relationship with your customers and improve your bottom line.

How Does Jellyreach Work?

According to a study by Forrester, customer engagement is essential for companies that want to remain successful in the future. It is estimated that companies that are able to engage with their customers on a regular basis are able to retain customers and even attract new ones.

Marketing automation can play a big role in helping to engage customers and driving loyalty. By automatically sending relevant messages to customers based on their preferences, marketing automation can help to create a better experience for both customers and businesses.

Jellyreach Lifetime Deal Details | The Best Marketing Automation Software

Stand out in inboxes by delivering timely and relevant content based on your contact’s behaviour and characteristics. Jellyreach is a user-friendly email and SMS marketing software that allows you to send personalized, automated messages.

Manual Campaigns

  • Choose to send campaigns to all contacts, segmented groups, specific lists, and tagged ones.
  • You can conduct A/B tests, embed contact attributes in the subject and body of your email, and include UTM to improve campaign performance and tracking.


  • Schedule engaging one-time email and SMS campaigns, or use scenarios to create triggered messages (drip campaigns) and advanced campaign flow with multiple actions and conditions.

The scenario includes the following triggers, operators, and actions:

  • Triggers (Now, On Date, Repeat, and On Event)
  • Actions (Email, SMS, Webhook)
  • Operators (Condition, Wait)

Design Emails

  • Design emails with a drag-and-drop editor, or choose from a collection of pre-designed templates and basic layouts.
  • You can upload HTML templates and also save your emails as templates.


Get more subscribers by using Captures. This feature allows you to place modals (pop-ups) and forms on your website.

  • Store in a specific list
  • Enable and modify double opt-in text
  • Target every user or some specific groups (devices, URLs, etc.)


  • Use the most reliable delivery services for sending email and SMS messages.
  • Available integrations include Amazon SES, Mailgun, SparkPost, SendGrid, Infobip, and Twilio.
  • With Amazon SES, you get 62K emails for free each month.


  • You don’t need a big budget and tech skills to use the power of marketing automation and take your campaigns to the next level.

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Jellyreach LTD Feature & Plan

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