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What Is Instantly?

Instantly is an AI-powered cold email campaign management platform that boosts deliverability and response through automated account warm-up and smart sending features.

Manually formatting and sending cold emails is like handmaking flyers for your business and passing them out to strangers on the street. (“That one has a picture of a kitten—and it’s in the trash.”)

Cold outreach is a key part of your B2B sales strategy, but sending each message individually makes it nearly impossible to ramp up your efforts.

Want to connect unlimited email accounts, automatically send personalized emails at scale, and warm up your sending accounts to maximize your chance of landing in inboxes?

It’s all possible with Instantly.

Instantly Features

  • Optimize deliverability for your B2B outreach campaigns with unlimited sending accounts and email warm-up functionality
  • Alternative to: Lemlist
  • Maximize open and reply rates with dynamic personalization tags, plus run smart campaigns with scheduled sends and follow-ups
  • Best for: B2B sales leaders, agencies, and freelancers looking for an all-in-one tool to scale cold outreach success

Instantly Lifetime Deal | Instantly Review

How To Use Instantly?

Instantly is an AI-powered cold email campaign management platform that boosts deliverability and response through automated account warmup and smart sending features.

Instantly lets you connect unlimited email accounts for sending cold outreach messages, so you can scale campaigns as you generate more leads and grow your business.

You’ll be able to send emails from any provider, then manage each account from one simple, easy-to-navigate dashboard.

And Instantly lifetime deal keeps your emails out of spam folders with an automated warm-up feature, which can be enabled or disabled with one click!

Instantly AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Connect unlimited sending accounts and view stats for each one on Instantly’s a simple dashboard.

Instantly lets you gradually scale the number of emails you send from each address to warm up your accounts and boost deliverability, so you land in inboxes, not junk folders.

You can tailor settings to your campaign needs—for example, automating the delivery limit and using multiple emails sending accounts for a single campaign to automate daily sending increases.

Plus, see statistics on your warm-up settings, like the deliverability rate of each email and how many messages were saved from spam.

Instantly review will even automatically notify you if an account gets disconnected, so you can resolve the problem quickly.

Customize gradual increases in the number of messages sent from each account to keep them out of spam!

Instantly AI automates every step of your campaign-building process, from personalizing messages with dynamic tags to scheduling a smart sending sequence.

Upload your lead lists and Instantly will populate your emails using a dynamic message template that includes unique information for each prospect, like name, company, and title.

You can input prospect details including name, company, and title, or use Instantly’s custom variables to include other relevant info.

You’ll even be able to send follow-up messages automatically in the days after your initial outreach—and tell Instantly to stop automatic follow-up if a lead replies.

Plus, you can choose which warmed-up email accounts you want to send from and set daily sending limits that will help prevent your messages from being marked as spam.

Instantly lifetime deal uses powerful AI to automate smart sending sequences to boost open and reply rates.

Once your campaigns are up and running, Instantly delivers robust analytics with insight on send, open, and reply rates.

Monitor performance and optimize as you scale your outreach, whether it’s tweaking subject lines or overhauling email body copy.

You’ll also be able to see trends across all your outreach or hone in on campaign-specific results to make even more informed decisions.

The analytics dashboard delivers timely insights on individual campaigns and overall outreach.

Running a cold email campaign and running a marathon might not seem like they have much in common—but try either without warming up and the results aren’t pretty.

Instantly streamlines every step of a smart campaign, from personalized messages with dynamic tags to strategic follow-ups, and makes sure the spam folder isn’t the finish line for your emails.

Scale your business with automated cold outreach.

Get lifetime access to Instantly today!

Instantly Lifetime Deal Plans and Features

Instantly Deal Terms

  • Lifetime access to Instantly
  • All future Hypergrowth Plan updates
  • No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that’s right for you
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 3 license tiers
  • GDPR compliant
  • Only for new Instantly users who do not have existing accounts
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

Instantly Lifetime Deal Features Included in All Plans

  • Email customization
  • Automated sequences
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Email and account analytics
  • Email bounce detection
  • Smart sending and follow-ups
  • Email rewriting

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