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HuddleUp Use Case

  • Employ peer-to-peer recognition in the form of fun, gamified doughnuts & leaderboards to celebrate wins & motivate the squad.
  • Anytime 360 feedback enables everyone to request/give meaningful feedback & identify their strengths & improvement areas.

What Is HuddleUp?

The HuddleUp tool helps to Supercharge your teams with continuous actionable feedback! By having everyone on the same page and sharing feedback immediately, it helps to keep everyone on track and informed. With a quick and easy interface, HuddleUp makes it easy for everyone to stay on top of their game.

How Does HuddleUp Work?

Since implementing 360 feedback in our company, we’ve seen a significant improvement in our ability to identify strengths and weaknesses in our team. We’ve also started using peer-to-peer recognition as a way to motivate and celebrate our wins. This has been a fun and rewarding way to stay connected and focused on our collective goal.

With HuddleUp, managers and employees can

  • Build a culture of continuous feedback with conversational Pulse Check-Ins, 1-on-1s & Anytime 360 feedback.
  • Keep a tab on team burnout levels with Red Zones & People Analytics.
  • Celebrate team wins & motivate the squad with Kudos – the fun-filled currency of doughnuts & gamified leaderboards.
  • Spark lively conversations & friendly banters with thoughtful prompts as a virtual Watercooler.
  • Join 2000+ remote & hybrid teams like MPL, ZestMoney, and Decathlon who are using HuddleUp to build stronger, happier teams.

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HuddleUp LTD Feature & Plan

  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • Please note: This deal is not stackable
  • 1 Year of access to HuddleUp Pro Plan
  • 1 Year of HuddleUp Pro Plan updates

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