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Haia Use Case

  • Intuitively designed so that even new users can focus on engaging with content without worrying about tech.
  • Haia is an online and hybrid events platform/video conferencing solution which won’t leave anyone out.

What Is Haia?

The Haia tool helps to make online or hybrid events easy by providing a platform where attendees can find and RSVP to events, as well as access event information and speakers. Haia also allows event organizers to manage event details, such as speakers and location, and to share photos and videos of the event online.

How Does Haia Work?

Intuitive design and easy-to-use tools make Haia an ideal platform for users of all levels of tech knowledge. Even new users can focus on engaging with content without worrying about technology.

Haia Lifetime Deal Review | The Online And Hybrid Events Platform

The biggest problem in online and hybrid events is attendee engagement leading to a poor user experience – it is difficult to navigate or engage at an event.

The Haia solution — We focus on an easy user experience.

Haia is all-inclusive: Haia is an online and hybrid events platform which won’t leave anyone out.

At each step, from organising to attending an event, Haia is intuitively designed so that even new users can focus on engaging with the content without worrying about the tech.

Haia brings the human connection back to events: from the very start and why we are now the most user-friendly platform for online and hybrid events.

Haia means freedom: Haia allows attendees to experience the sense of control they have in physical events; they can move in and out of rooms, go back and forth between sessions, and network when they want to.

Your speakers will be able to see the attendees while they speak and can receive visual feedback while they talk so they can engage with their audiences again.

Let Haia do the heavy lifting for you: Hosts can build a full varied event, invite guests, and let it run itself in minutes – really!

We work so well by simplifying our system and adding unique features like Haia Stages and event collaboration portals.

Haia is here for any event. Haia is for everyone. A corporate or business event, public engagement, or cultural show. Whatever you’re hosting, you can host it on Haia.

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Haia LTD Feature & Plan

  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • Please note: This deal is not stackable
  • Lifetime access to Haia
  • All future plan updates

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