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Great Questions Lifetime Deal

What Is Great Questions?

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Asking Great Questions contains 44 emotional, contrasting, and thought-provoking questions that are perfect for interviewing investors, clients, and industry titans.

Each question features a breakdown of its basic framework, 3 examples, and key takeaways for when and how to use them in conversation.

Great Questions Features

  • How to use the conversation arc to build trust and rapport
  • How to make a great introduction
  • How to make a great preamble
  • 44 ready-to-use questions

If you are an entrepreneur who struggles to find an interesting question to ask when speaking with someone they want to impress. This guide is for you.

Enjoy and remember….!

Great relationships start with Great Questions!

Great Questions FAQs

Can’t I find these online for free?

Most questions you’ll find online are generic, surface-level questions that don’t advance the conversation or your relationship with the other person. These questions were designed to do exactly that.

Why should I have ready-to-use questions?

Unless you are a natural conversationalist, most people struggle with asking thought-provoking questions when put on the spot. Having ready-to-use questions can make you feel/look more confident when meeting someone new.

Great Questions Lifetime Deal Plans and Features

Great Questions Lifetime Deal Terms

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  • All future Great Questions Plan updates
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