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DupDub Use Case

  • Next-generation text-to-speech editor with human-like voiceovers.
  • Includes 300+ authentic voiceovers and styles suitable for a range of industries.

What Is DupDub?

The DupDub tool helps the Next-generation text-to-speech editors with human-like voiceovers and the most powerful features. DupDub can also help you to produce videos with voiceovers. The tool has a variety of features, such as the ability to change the voice, speed, and pitch.

How Does DupDub Work?

The Next-Generation Text to Speech Editor with Human-Like Voiceovers offers users a wide range of authentic voices that are perfect for a variety of industries. With over 300 voices to choose from, this tool allows users to have a human-like voiceover that is perfect for any project. Whether you need a generic voiceover for your website or you are creating a custom voiceover for a commercial, this tool has the perfect voice for you.

DupDub Lifetime Deal Details | Next-Generation AI Voice Studio

Get ready to enjoy the most user-friendly and creative text-to-speech editor on the market today.

DupDub boasts:

  • 300+ high-quality and human-like voiceovers with 400+ voice styles
  • 30+ languages and accents
  • 1 million users worldwide
  • super-fast synthesis speed that allows you to download files in seconds
  • superior listening experience compared to other products

It also includes 20+ powerful post-AI voice editing features, including but not limited to:

  • preview
  • change speaker
  • speed
  • pitch
  • alias
  • phoneme
  • say as
  • emphasis
  • homograph
  • local speed
  • multi-speaker
  • rhythm
  • add pause
  • pause setting
  • sound effects
  • background music
  • lexicon

These and other features are offered to fix the unexpected articulation effects. The editor interface and interactive experience are both absolutely original and unique!

The 300+ voiceovers in DupDub are all authentic. They are suitable for e-learning, marketing, advertisements, social media, podcasts, audiobooks, customer support, and many other fields.

Notably, some voices contain multiple emotional styles, such as happy, angry, hopeful, whispering, etc. DupDub creatively supports the application of multiple voiceovers in one file, which enables you to generate dialogue and play a role.

Furthermore, you can listen to your text instantly wherever your cursor is positioned — no more waiting to convert the whole paragraph! DupDub speeches out and downloads in seconds.

Background music and sound effect features are especially suitable for audio and video creation in social media, podcasts, and audiobooks.

DupDub supports the ability to export files as audio (MP3, WAV), video (MP4 with/without subtitles), and subtitle (SRT) to meet every need.

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DupDub LTD Feature & Plan

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