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Documentero Use Case

  • Create templates online using our online builder or upload your own .docx template.
  • Generate .docx or .pdf documents using web forms or API.

What Is Documentero?

The Documentero is a tool that helps to turn documents into templates that can generate .docx or .pdf documents using an API or forms. This can be valuable for organizations that want to automate the creation of documents and save time.

How Does Documentero Work?

Docx templates can be easily generated using our online builder. Simply fill out the form and our team will create a template for you.

Alternatively, you can upload your own .docx template to our website. Once you have uploaded the document, our team will be able to generate a document for you based on your specifications.

Create Template

  • Create a template online using our online builder or upload your .docx template prepared in your editor, enter special tags in places that you want to control

Configure Form or API

  • Decide how each template field should be represented on a web form (e.g. date picker/multi-select/text) or integrate with your system using Cloud API.

Generate Documents

  • Generate .docx or .pdf documents using Web Forms or API. You can receive ready-to-use documents by email.

Documentero Lifetime Deal Review | Automate documents tool

Use your own editor and templates — no need to move your branded, styled document templates to an online editor. You can use any editor that supports .docx format (like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or LibreOffice).

We are not forcing you to use our online editor to manage your document templates; you can upload and update them directly from .docx format. Documentero is capable of parsing .docx document templates and managing updates (once you add/remove fields in documents, we will process that and update the forms/API accordingly).

Shareable forms + form designer makes work even easier on your end. Once you upload your template, the application automatically prepares an easy-to-use web form.

You can customize it by changing each field/section representation (textfield, datepicker, selectbox, radio select, checkbox, etc).

For every form, you can generate a public share link. Others can fill up your documents for you using a pre-setup form. Once the person that you share the link with fills up the form successfully, you will be notified with an email and then you’ll be ready to use the document as an attachment.

Generate documents using API/JSON.

You can integrate Documentero with your system or automated process using our Cloud Service. Once you upload your template, you can call our RESTful API with template identifier, apiKey assigned to your account, and JSON with data for individual fields in your document.

Our Cloud Service will generate ready-to-use documents in seconds.

There is a playground in the app to generate documents with a sample payload (created based on the document template).

Integrate your workflow with 5000+ apps using Zapier.

Once you upload your document template, we will analyze all fields, sections, and line items. Then, when you connect Documentero with Zapier, you can map all fields you need from your trigger/application to the field in your document template without any coding involved.

Documentero exposes two actions in Zapier:

  • Generate Document Action
  • Generate a Document and Send it as an Email Attachment Action

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