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What Is Dash to Investability?

The Dash to Investability – Interactive Fundraising Course tool helps to learn how to build a business that can raise funding and how to handle investor curveball questions. It can be especially helpful for entrepreneurs who are just starting out and want to learn more about fundraising and how to build a business that is attractive to investors.

How Does Dash to Investability Work?

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Dash To Investability Lifetime Deal Details

Fundraising starts with building an investable business. All your activities need to be aligned to have a cohesive narrative for investors.

In 9 individual dashes, we touch upon every part of your business. Learn what investors care about and how they look at your business when doing their due diligence. Be prepared for any questions they may throw at you.

We’re not just a course. We want to inspire and empower entrepreneurs to create impact and future-proof their game-changing solutions. It does not matter which stage you’re at right now, our course is here to take you to the next level.

Get actionable insights on a daily basis that you can immediately apply to your own business. Spend 5 or 50 minutes a day, your choice, how deep you want to dive.

Each day tackles 1 investor question. Learn why investors care about it, how to best address this question and take up your daily challenge to apply your knowledge. This course is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs and early-stage startups needing help building their businesses as well as for more experienced founders in fundraising mode.

Experience immersive learning and receive pro tips, assignments, guidelines, and more. Get free templates like Pitch Deck or One Pager to make your pitch material investor-ready. There are many courses out there that teach fundraising. But startup founders still struggle when investors throw a curve ball at them.

Not anymore! Dash to investability is a 77-step course specifically designed with that situation in mind. Directly apply the action items to your current or future business to improve your chances of success.

Be prepared for your next investor meeting and get access to the Dash To Investability course today!

Dash To Investability LTD Feature & Plan

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