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Charlii Use Case

  • Project management for aspiring authors.
  • Brainstorm, create outlines & timelines, visually explore your story, and more all within the app.

What Is Charliiapp?

The Charliiapp tool helps to manage and organize your project timeline and progress. It is an essential tool for any project manager and makes it easy to keep track of all your tasks and deadlines.

How Does Charliiapp Work?

Project management is essential for aspiring authors. By brainstorming outlines, and timelines, and visually exploring your story, you can ensure that your project is well-organized and on track.

Charliiapp Lifetime Deal Details

From a brainstorming tool to a built-in calendar to a smartly-designed plot planner, Charlii has everything you would need to organize your ideas, and make progress on your novel.

The brainstorming tool can help record and generate unique story ideas.

  • Capture your ideas with text or audio
  • One secure location to store information
  • Build on ideas for current and future use

The story visualizer can help you see everything from a birds-eye view. You won’t need to worry about plot holes and missing characters again.

Analyze your story elements with this “at-a-glance” format. Quickly see where timelines intersect and ensure there are no gaps in your characters’ journeys or in your order of events.

  • Helps to maintain focus
  • Provides a method to quickly assess your storyline
  • Analyze multiple story elements and characters at once

Visualize your story with the timeline tool. See plot points, events, and other story details represented graphically to showcase patterns and relationships as well as the overarching storyline.

Use the outlining tool to build your story. Ensure a complete story arc and work out the major components of your story before you even begin writing.

  • Organize ideas
  • Build adequate conflict
  • Ensure adequate pacing and character development

And don’t worry about those days of low motivation: charlii has built-in reminders and encouragement that will help you keep going, even when you don’t feel like it. This tool was built with authors in mind.

The goals calendar will help keep you on track and ensure deadlines are met. It will keep you accountable to your goals and help ensure timely story completion.

There’s no faster way to get your ideas organized, and set a timeline for your story than to have some help.

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Charliiapp LTD Feature & Plan

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