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What Is CF Power Tools Yearly Deal?

The Cloudflare Stream WordPress Plugin tool helps to streamline the process of publishing WordPress content on the Cloudflare network. The plugin automatically detects when WordPress is using Cloudflare’s content delivery network, and then configures the plugin to publish content using that network. This speeds up the publishing process by routing traffic through Cloudflare’s servers.

How Does CF Power Tools Yearly Deal Work?

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CF Power Tools Yearly Deal Details

Embedding them from YouTube will get you an enormous amount of ads, disturbing and hurting your viewers. Alternatives such as Wistia or Vimeo are expensive.

Prevent download

Prevent download of your videos by signing their URLs and domain whitelist you want to stream from. Everything is done behind the scenes in a few clicks and is completely under your control.

Easy Video Import

Easily import all of your videos from Cloudflare in bulk or one by one. You can also upload a video from a public URL (ie. youtube) and let us do the work for you. You will get all of those videos in Cloudflare and within WordPress.

Manage them all

Manage all of your videos from within WordPress. Easily copy-paste your shortcode from within the interface, and see all the video’s details in one single click.


Fully compatible with WPBackery, Gutenberg and any WP theme by simply copy-paste the generated video shortcode in any of your posts or pages. Compatible with standard Cloudflare parameters (loop, poster image, autoplay, mute, etc).


See video analytics directly from within WordPress: number of views, duration, average view time, average view %, etc. Search and filter them by date. Fetch the previous days, weeks, or months stats and export everything to CSV in one click.

Updates & Support

CF Power Tools is regularly maintained and updated. We continually improve it (see Features Roadmap) taking note of WordPress and Cloudflare changes. See our changelog for more info.

Cloudflare Stream WordPress Plugin LTD Feature & Plan

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