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Certopus Use Case

  • A professionally designed certificate template library that also comes with a user-friendly certificate editing tool.
  • Bulk generates certificates by uploading an Excel sheet or by connecting 5000+ apps via Zapier to issue certificates on the go.

What Is Certopus?

Certopus is a tool that helps to design and send verifiable certificates quickly and easily. It allows users to create and verify certificates quickly and easily, making it a valuable tool for security professionals and others who need to verify the authenticity of a certificate.

How Does Certopus Work?

Our certificate template library comes with a user-friendly certificate editing tool that makes issuing certificates on the go simple. You can bulk-generate certificates by uploading an Excel sheet or by connecting 5000+ apps via Zapier.

Certopus Lifetime Deal Details

With Certopus, you can get multiple benefits, including a professionally designed certificate template library to pick designs.

Certopus also comes with a user-friendly certificate editor. You can use Certopus to bulk generate certificates by uploading an Excel sheet or by connecting 5000+ apps via Zapier to issue certificates on the go as well.

  • Send out personalized certificate emails with your branding and social media links.
  • Make certificates verifiable with a dynamic QR code and prevent forgeries to build trust and avoid financial & reputation losses.
  • Get real-time tracking so you can see whether the certificate recipient has seen the email, whether they have opened it, whether they have clicked the link, and much more.
  • White-labelling/CNAME options are also possible with Certopus (via code stacking) to get and build greater brand value as you work.
  • Want more from Certopus?

Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. Skills and marketing reports will be coming soon, as well as digital badges (with open badges standard).

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Certopus LTD Feature & Plan

  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • Lifetime access to Certopus
  • All future plan updates

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