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Blue Strawberry Use Case

  • An AI-powered platform that creates social media campaigns from your website, blogs, music or even YouTube videos.
  • Create a single post any time you like and post it to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram instantly.

What Is Blue Strawberry?

The Blue Strawberry tool helps The mighty AI-powered social marketing platform to change the game (now with SINGLE POST capability). With the help of AI, this platform can predict user behaviour and deliver relevant content in real-time, ensuring that users are kept updated on the latest campaigns and products. This means that businesses can effectively target and engage with their audience, increasing conversion rates and driving greater profits.

How Does Blue Strawberry Work?

The social media campaign platform by AI allows users to quickly and easily create social media campaigns from their websites, blogs, music, or even YouTube videos. This makes it easy for users to post a single post any time they like, and then share the campaign with their followers on all of the major social media platforms. This makes it easy for users to reach a large audience quickly and effectively and can help to increase brand awareness, engagement, and sales.

Blue Strawberry Lifetime Deal Details | The Mighty AI-Powered Social Marketing Platform

With the new Single Post function, you can now create a single post any time you like and post it to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram instantly (or schedule it for the future).

Using the Single Post feature, you can now create a post from scratch. You can start with your own text and then add pictures or videos. By selecting social media profiles using the tab at the top left corner, you can choose to edit the post individually for each profile or all together.

When you are happy with the post, you can choose to post it to all social media profiles you selected immediately, or schedule it to be posted at a later time. It is so simple and powerful.

Additionally, Blue Strawberry is an AI-powered platform that creates social media posts from your website, blogs, or even YouTube videos. The posts can then be easily scheduled on different social media platforms for up to 18 months… and all within just a few clicks.

Connect your YouTube channel to your Blue Strawberry account and leave the AI to create social media posts for you every time you upload a new video. Alternatively, you can add a unique YouTube link to your video.

Provide the RSS feed and we will automatically create posts for you whenever you update your website or blogs. Select and edit pictures for your posts, or even let Blue Strawberry create a short video for your posts to make them livelier.

You can even have multiple workspaces if you have more than one brand, website, or YouTube channel to market. Use Blue Strawberry now and enjoy a hassle-free social media management experience.

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Blue Strawberry LTD Feature & Plan

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