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BITSS Use Case

  • Enables people to share links that are easy to remember but also accurately represent brand identity.
  • Enjoy a more distinct, effective methodology for engaging with your customers on your marketing platform.

What Is BITSS?

BITSS is a tool that helps you provide a memorable link for sharing, advertising, and marketing your content. BITSS helps you create beautiful, shareable links that are easy to remember and use.

How Does BITSS Work?

The goal of this strategy is to create a more distinct, effective methodology for engaging with your customers on your marketing platform. By using easily-rememberable links, you can keep your customers engaged and make them feel like they’re part of your brand. This will create a stronger connection with them, and they’ll be more likely to return to your marketing platform in the future.

BITSS Lifetime Deal Details

The old way to market long, lengthy links was promptly replaced by short links. The marketing industry quickly and easily responded to these new changes in internet marketing. However, there was a gap still not addressed by the market.

In spectating these changes, we endeavoured to brainstorm potential solutions to transform the way people shared links. BITSS vision was to create a platform that enabled people to share links that are easy to remember while at the same time also representing the brand identity.

Digital Twin Technology

Go “phygital” by creating your digital twin URL and using the same link to advertise your promotion on social media and a QR code on printed cards.

By simply typing your human-readable links with their smartphones on the go, customers can access the products you specifically want them to see directly from your website.

Make Your Brand Noticeable

A branded domain is the first part of a branded link that companies buy to customize and share their links. Getting a branded domain can help you increase brand awareness and engagement. We are a distinct way of engaging with your customers on your marketing platform.

The Solution To Malicious/Spammy Links

Attractiveness is not the only favourable trait that comes with branded links. They also make your tiny URLs look more “trustworthy” for your business. It will reinforce your overall branding and provide cohesiveness throughout your platform.

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