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Answerly FacePop Use Case

  • Schedule a meeting, ask for a review, or share the latest update using your face.
  • Simply upload your video, set up a call to action, and customize the widget’s looks to your heart’s content.

What Is Answerly FacePop?

The Answerly FacePop tool helps to Face your audience, ask for reviews, schedule meetings, and more with FacePop’s call-to-action. With just a few clicks, you can quickly and easily create a FacePop request that will get your audience’s attention.

Whether you’re looking to get feedback on your newest product or just need to schedule a meeting, the Answerly FacePop tool is a great way to get things moving.

How Does Answerly FacePop Work?

The latest data from our company reveals that a face-to-face meeting is the best way to get a review. Scheduling a meeting will increase the chances of a positive review, as compared to sharing updates online.

Answerly FacePop Lifetime Deal Details

Upload a video and face your audience! Ask for reviews, schedule meetings, and more with FacePop’s Call-To-Action.

Call to Action

You can use FacePop’s Call to Action button and configure it to take the customer to your calendar, sign-up page, or any URL.

The Call to Action button is customizable:

  • Text
  • Color
  • Icon
  • Button Style
  • Click Modes


Personalize the look and feel of FacePop, and make sure it fits both on your website and with the video.

  • Width & Height
  • Position
  • Toggle options
  • Controls size
  • Shadow

Color Studio

With Color Studio, you can paint any element of the Faceop to your heart’s content.

But there’s more .. you can also browse color ideas specific to the widget created by our best designers.

  • Text Colors
  • Player Colors
  • Video Overlay
  • Button Colors

Font Studio

With Font Studio, you can change the font of any text inside FacePop from a list of 200+ most popular fonts on the web.

You can also change the size of any text as well.

  • Nunito
  • Poppins
  • Inter
  • Font Sizes
  • .. many more.

Share as a Link

When you create a FacePop widget inside the Answerly Dashboard, you will also get a link directly playing your facepop video.

  • Share in Social Media
  • Send in Email

Target Visitors

Use conditional logic with data from your website to show a FacePop to only one person or a targeted group of people.

  • Easy to Setup
  • Tutorial Provided

API Access

Create your API key, follow the intuitive API Docs, and get going within the minute!

  • API Keys
  • REST Architecture
  • Documentation

Usage Reports & Data

In the Answerly Dashboard you can see FacePop performance data in graphs and/or tables.

  • Views
  • Watchtime
  • CTA Clicks

Get access to FacePop by Answerly today!

Answerly FacePop LTD Feature & Plan

  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • Please note: This deal is not stackable
  • Lifetime access to Answerly FacePop
  • All future plan updates

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