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2Quiet2Market Use Case

  • Take control of your marketing and exposure with a comprehensive suite of tools.
  • Obtain and maintain success in your business — even if you’re an introvert by nature.

What Is 2Quiet2Market?

2Quiet2Market is a hate marketing tool that helps businesses set up the manageable marketing habit they need. It provides tips and advice on how to improve marketing efforts, as well as tools that can be used to track progress.

How Does 2Quiet2Market Work?

marketing is an important part of any business. By using a suite of tools, you can take control of your marketing and exposure. You can also maintain success in your business, even if you’re an introvert by nature.

2Quiet2Market Lifetime Deal Review | Marketing software for Introverts

Software that helps you setup the Manageable Marketing Habit your business needs. Step by step, make your solopreneur friends envious because hey, suddenly your product sells!

Positioning blackboard: Thinking tools to help you nail why your product is awesome.

Positioning blackboard

Positioning makes your customers understand why your product is a better solution for the problem that keeps bugging them.

When you position your product correctly, you will always know what to write, tweet, or talk about it to customers. 2Quiet2Market has blackboards with colorful building blocks that let you compose the marketing model for your own product, step by step.

Product, features, benefits, jobs-to-be-done, stories, and qualities – there is a building block for everything to make your product look totally awesome to your future customers. 🔥 (And if you prefer whiteboards over blackboards, 2Quiet2Market respects light mode vs. dark mode on your machine, automatically!)

Story Composer

When starting to market a new product, it is important to create an initial set of messages that resonate with your audience.

Not a natural copywriter? Don’t worry. Write simple blocks of microcopy (one per building block) and let Story Composer do the rest. Story Composer will form the longer story your customers need to hear from the snippets you gave them.

It gives you full control via merge tags as you know them from email marketing systems. That way, you can focus on one piece of your story at a time, i.e. a feature, a benefit, or a job to be done. And your customers get the story that helps them get into the mood to buy from you.

Story Composer

When starting to market a new product, it is important to create an initial set of messages that resonate with your audience.

Invite your friends to discuss your marketing

When you look at another person’s marketing, your brain immediately produces ideas on how to make it even better. But when you stare at your own work, your brain might get bored and say nothing at all.

Therefore, 2Quiet2Market contains a “share” function. Send a link to your friends or peers. When they click, they become your guest and get a look at your marketing model!

Hear what your peers say when they see your marketing. Get honest feedback so you can add missing pieces, remove noise, and improve your messages so customers will buy.

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